TCP Catering is Live!

Fort Worth Web Designer

TCP Catering's website was a tasty treat to whip together! I was able to work hand in hand with one of the owners to take their brand to the next level. Our focus for this was to build a unique brand, custom website,  and a focus on the copy for the new site. Looking to caterer here in Texas? Make sure to consider them as I am sure they will delight your guests! 

Square Creatives did a fully custom site & branding project.  Elements included in this project: 

  • branding
  • color selection 
  • Image Selection 
  • Photoshoot Consultation/ Design
  • graphic design
  • SEO
  • lite coding 
  • Website Copy

Our mood board for the Custom Site was a focus on the visual appeal of their food while showcase a family feel and sharing their passion for cooking! Make sure to scroll down to check out this sites dramartic before and after!

Congrats to TCP Catering on their new brand and the new site



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TCP Mood Board 4.png