How To Select The Perfect Domain For Your Biz

How to pick a domain

01 | Catchy 

Something short & catchy is ideal. A general rule is to keep it between 1-3 words. If you are thinking of using a longer domain name, think about how difficult it will be for your customers to remember and/or write it down. should be your friend as you start the brainstorming process. (Business lesson #329: Clear and short for a business/domain name are key! Go put those creative juices to work in your business in other ways.)

02 | Spelling 

Getting "creative" with spellings may get you closer to your ideal domain name BUT it will be SUPER HARD for customers to find you. Keep the spelling simple aka words that people know how to easily spell for your clients ease. 

03 | Versus All the Other Guys 

We all know that “.com” is the go-to for most people but getting the name you really love can be a challenge. The newest rival to the ".com" is the ."co". Think of it as .com's hipster cousin. As for the rest, look at what you are trying to accomplish; .org is great for a 501C3, .US is a great solution for a US based company, & .ME is becoming more popular among bloggers. While .com is the staple, these other guys can be a perfect solution to getting the domain your heart desires

04| Using Your Own Name

Going with your name is a great way to personalize your business (hello it's literally your name). It can be a great way to help others remember the name of your company and makes new clients feel like they already know you! The two biggest reason to not use you name are spelling (my maiden name was Kryfko and that made for many errors!) and if you are wanting to expand your brand to have multiple employees. While you can still have employees with a company named after yourself, it is much more inclusive to have a general name.